Saturday, 12 November 2016

Man Cave Campaign Diary Part 2 - And the Clowns rode to war...

"To wage a war across the length and breadth of the land, I'm going to need mobile, aggressive troops.  They need be swift, yet festive.  Jolly yet brutal.  I call forth my mighty chariot legions, clown automata at the helm, majestic beasts taking the charge." ~ Mr Tumbles, on the raising of the Joyous Convoy

So once again, I bring you another installment of my modelling diary, as I advance steadily towards fielding 1000 points of Clown Dynasties.  Very rough, and still curing, but I like to think that my chariots are coming along nicely.

"Get out of that, Dwarf!  You are no clown!"

"Ah yes, a firm footing for the anchoring of Automata"

So this was my first attempt at trying to attach the tracings

As you can see, did not go well.

Attempt number 2!  Seems to have been much more successful.  In the background, a Mindflayer watches and judges silently.

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