Thursday, 10 November 2016

Man Cave Campaign Diary - Enter Mr Tumbles

"I have been mocked, I have been ridiculed.  I have been laid low by my oppressors and have seen the malice that resides within humanity.  Well no more!  They thought me mad, they laughed me out of the circus.  But I have my own circus now, my automatons fashioned in my own image.  They will rue the day they cast out Mister Tumbles!"

So my local gaming group has begun a 9th Age Slow Grow Campaign to align with the new release of The 9th Age v1.2.  So, being the mad idiot that I am, I immediately decided that I was going to start an Undying Dynasties armies, but entirely made of clowns.

This is the first in a series of posts that will detail my progress towards making this carnival of horrors.  My first step was to begin sourcing clown figures, and to start designing my army.  For the first 1000 point iteration, I've decided on:

Mr Tumbles - Death Cult Hierarch, General, Hierophant, Path of Evocation
3 Clown Chariots - Skeleton Chariots
3 Clown Chariots - Skeleton Chariots
14 Mr Tumbles Happy Time Guard - 14 Necropolis Guard with shields

I'm still toying with what I'm going to have towing the chariots, although I am thinking a collection of Circus Animals.  But below I've got a few concept pictures, including the clown bodies that I've selected, and an idea for Clown Cavalry / Character chariot horses.
For Mr Tumbles I've selected the Anton model from the Eden range.  I've made some modifications, which I will be putting in a future entry once my Milliput arrives.

The Clown figures I ordered from China are simple things, but they should work well!  I was very pleased to realise they came apart, and have actually contacted the manufacturer for a price on a bag of torsos.

Isn't he adorable?  Even Centaurs are getting into Carnival Fever!

And here is the base Clown figure.  They will obviously be converted and repainted, but I think they're adorable.

So!  Thank you for reading, and stay tuned.  This is gonna get weird.

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