Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Fargrimm's Blog - Enter the Dwarf

With the end of Grimgut the Mad's adventuring career having come to pass, I will be continuing my Character Blog series with my remaining characters that I play in various RPGs.  Today I introduce to you Fargrimm Firebeard, a Dwarf with a penchant for Conjuration and a habit of seducing his way around the universe.  What follows is his abridged impressions of the first 4 gaming sessions of our Spelljammer campaign, featuring a few former gaming greats.

Life has been... interesting since the encounter with the Mindflayers.  There's a large part of my memories that are still missing, but I do know that we did something that will bring about the end of time, and now we're trying to fix it.  Or so we've been told, Mordenkainen has been a little less than forthcoming in his information.  So I suppose I should start with what I know and we can work back from there.