Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Grimgut's Blog: An Epilogue

So a bit's happened since I last made an entry, in the havoc that ensued following the defeat of Mad God Whats-his-face.  Figured I should start there and work my way forwards.

Me allies and I had gathered beneath an old One-Eye fortress in the plane of Shadow, the Dragons went full wizard and started casting their spells of protection on the most holy black artifact of plane sundering while leaving us with the task of stopping an enraged god of madness.  Right.  That'll cost you extra, I tells them, but they're fine with it.  So we set up for a fight, and this guy just busts his way through the ceiling like it's nothing and steps down into the cellar with us in the way.  The little ones went straight into hand to hand with him, while myself and the spellslinger gave ranged support before wading in.  What ensued was brutal, bloody warfare, and a side of Ista, our pet fox, that I had never expected to see.  Snuffles, bless his soul, was his usual immovable and magnificent self until that son of a bitch burnt him out from under me.  With a word!  He yelled at Snuffles and took the life right out of him.  Fortunately, he got what was coming to him, when Ista hacked him up so bad that he exploded.  Sadly, our little fox didn't survive the blast.