Friday, 19 December 2014

Grimgut's Blog: You want me to do what?

So me and my mercs, we were hanging out in this town, had a bit of downtime on the Tharrashk coin.  So I took some time out to try my hand at Gunsmithing.  Took me a solid month, but I managed to crank out a small unit's worth of Musketoons, should do me for a firefight.  Now the Necromancer was in his "lab", or so we referred to the cellar that he had rented from the fine establishment that we were to find ourselves in.  He kept muttering about needing "Bigger fee mors".  I completely agree, we definitely need to start charging larger fees if he's going to go around renting people's cellars.  But that's also no way to use the King's Common I told him.  Bloody wizards, don't know what's good for them.  He should get some sun, maybe see a priest.