Wednesday, 18 June 2014

They Came From Beyond the Mountains: Week 3

As the battle rages across the Old World, the Empire secure their position in the Dark Lands and move their attention to the north.  Having seen the devastation caused by the Skaven Hellpit Abominations, they march forth to put an end to any further horrors being unleashed on the battlefield.

Finally deciding that the fight was one that threatened their own lands, the Wood Elves march forth from their forest homes, raiding up into the High Pass to secure the east flank of the Empire army from attack, meanwhile the Forces of Destruction have commissioned the services of a tribe of Ogres to secure the potent ale stored at Bugman's Brewery.

The Skaven forces of Clan Skryre, bearing no love for their Moulder cousins but finding their creations useful, brought their full power to bear against the Empire invaders.  After a long and brutal battle, only the Empire Greatswords stood firm and fought to their last breath, the Archlector finally dying with one hand on his hammer, the other around the Grey Seer's throat as he was torn to shreds by the masses of Storm Vermin.

As the Wood Elf Spellweaver has suspected, the mighty Warriors of Chaos marched up the High Pass to attack the Empire flank, and were met with the sudden appearance of Venomous Forests, a Giant and an imposing force of the forest dwelling elves.  In a bloody battle, where the forces of Chaos resembled porcupines more than warriors, the unstoppable tide of metal and flesh eventually won out and crushed the Wood Elf forces, their survivors melting back into the forests to lick their wounds and prepare for revenge.

Meanwhile, down at the pub, the Ogres were having a whale of a time.  There were dwarfs to fight and beer to drink, as the Butcher pointed out they could combine the two, feed the dwarfs the beer then eat the dwarfs!  Obviously this did not sit well with the Dwarf forces who came charging down to remove this blight on their cultural landmark.  Though losses were heavy on both sides, in the end the Dwarfs discovered that an Ogre and his Ale will not be parted, and eventually had to settle for harrying the Ogre forces as they set off with their stolen cache of frosty beverages.

While the initial push belonged to the Forces of Order, it was the Forces of Destruction who claimed the day, and have turned their eyes upon the walled city of Praag.  As the Skaven summon forth their allies of convenience, the armies all march upon the city with murder in their eyes and weapons in hand.  The Forces of Order, on the other hand, rush to defend the city, bolstering its ranks with levies of Bretonnian bowmen and sending their own troops force to attempt to stop the oncoming reinforcements.

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