Wednesday, 11 June 2014

They came from beyond the Mountains: Week 2

Flushed from their latest victory, the Empire troops led the attack, breaking through Peak Pass and striking out into the Goblin Lands.  It was all too easy, as they met little resistance within the pass itself until they came to look upon the plains to see why there's been no opposition so far.  Below them were arrayed the combined forces of Goblin and Skaven, united in their hatred of the pink intruders.

The primary battle for this week's campaign was Breaking Out of Peak Pass, a Battleline conflict with the Defending (Destruction) side riding to reinforce the local Goblin tribes.  After a hard fought battle, the forces of Order prevailed and the Attacking side claimed the field.  The forces of the Empire have now established a fortified camp in the area, and may continue to press the advantage deeper into The Dark Lands.

While their brothers reclaimed the fallen watchtower on the Old Dwarf Road, the Dwarf Lord pushed his men onwards, bringing his across the Skull River to sweep through the lands of the Border Princes and on to Mad Dog Pass.  Once more, they were met by forces of Destruction, though this time it was their old enemies the Skaven of Clan Skryre who stood against them and barred their passage.

The River of Blood is a scenario from the Narrative Battles section of the Warhammer BRB.  A brutal, and bloody conflict both Dwarf and Skaven fought to the bitter end, however the might of Clan Skryre would not be denied and they drove the Dwarfs back to their mountain fortresses and claimed the field this day.

Having successfully taken position behind enemy lines, the forces of Chaos (and Nelson) gathered their might and chose their next target carefully.  Some may say the Dwarfs' strength lies in their mountain holds, their mining, their war machines or their endless and tireless pursuit of their grudges.  The Chaos Lords know better, and struck out for the true heart of the Dwarf Kingdoms, Bugman's Brewery.  Riding to the aid of their less mobile though steadfast allies, the Kingdom of Bretonnia took the field in this Meeting Engagement, to stop the menace before they could pull the strength from under their forces.

The Bretonnians rode at full pelt, and brought their forces to bear against the Warriors of Chaos in an attempt to slow their advance and end their trail of destruction across the backlines of the Forces of Order.  Unfortunately the Horse Lords were unable to stop the invaders as they crashed through their lines and claimed the first outlying stashes of the precious brew.

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