Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Grimgut's Blog - Found a writey thing

Today was a good day.  Grimgut found out that Kobolds don't like being peed on, Snuffles will eat any foliage, and Dragons have a silly sense of humour.  Grimgut could grow to like Dragons, thinks they would go well with the right sauce.

Grimgut and friends are on a Quest!  Grimgut doesn't like quests.  Quests mean you don't get paid, though you do get loot.  Grimgut is on a quest to save the soul of the Healing Tree Woman Thing.  To be honest me never knew what she was, but she was good to Grimgut.  Healed Grimgut's women.  Woman Thing got stuck in skull-thing though when worm-thing exploded and covered everyone in burning worm bits.  Snuffles did not like burning worm bits.  So Grimgut and Snuffles ride valiantly through dark lands and pissed on Kobolds, on into Green lands with clean kobolds.  It's an odd place, but nobody listens to Grimgut.  So Grimgut find Kobold writey thing, and decide that if nobody listens to Grimgut, Grimgut will write down his thoughts and hit people with words.

Grimgut is hungry.

Grimgut the Mad is a Giant Mercenary played by Aidan in an ongoing Fantasycraft campaign.  Grimgut's Blog is a writing exercise to follow an individual's travels as opposed to the progress of an army.

Grimgut exists in the morally grey area of a morally grey campaign.  He is a mercenary first and foremost, after that he is a craftsman and a warrior.  While not the most eloquent of Giants, he's certainly passionate.  Recently we had the party healer, a Dryad Mage pass away, and was trapped into a soul-storing skull that the Necromancer is carrying.  So Grimgut and his colleagues are currently on a quest to release her soul from its prison so that she may rest in peace (after all, being trapped with only the Necromancer for company would be Grimgut's very own version of hell) 

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