Friday, 27 June 2014

Grimgut's Blog - Day 2 - History Lesson

Day 2: Sorry blog.  Grimgut should not have left you unattended on that rock next to Snuffles' leaves.  Spent the better part of the day chasing Snuffles around until eventually he coughed you back up again.  Is ok!  Grimgut cleaned you off on Necroman's robes!  All better now.

Grimgut figures he should start at the beginning.  You see, tiny journal, Grimgut was a mercenary.  Spent many a year fighting for this lord or that prince, this bandit king or that rich merchant.  He became very good at destroying castle walls, gates, forts, generally anything that would stand still long enough to be blown up or battered down.  It was during one particularly brutal siege, while under the employ of House Tharrashk that Grimgut found his place.  Grimgut was protecting some tiny bearded men while they worked their cannon, unfortunately the enemy also had cannons, and worked them faster. Before Grimgut knew it, the tiny bearded men were dead.  So Grimgut do what made the most sense.  Grimgut picked up the cannon, levelled it at the gates and blew them open so that the infantry could storm through.  In thanks, House Tharrashk even let Grimgut keep his cannon!  Later, some idiot lordling had managed to lose his keep to a bunch of weirdos from far away.  Grimgut got told "Open the keep!" nobody told Grimgut "Don't blow up the Keep Grimgut." or "We want it intact!"  Grimgut's "little friend" made quite a boom, and they retook the keep!  Grimgut wanted the Rhino they found inside for payment, but little men said no.  Little men promised Grimgut more rhinos and more wealth if Grimgut accompany them.  So Grimgut agreed to tag along.

Grimgut still hasn't got his rhino, but him got Snuffles the Triceratops instead.  He has 3 horns!  Must be worth 3 rhinos!

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