Friday, 27 June 2014

Grimgut's Blog - Day 2 - History Lesson

Day 2: Sorry blog.  Grimgut should not have left you unattended on that rock next to Snuffles' leaves.  Spent the better part of the day chasing Snuffles around until eventually he coughed you back up again.  Is ok!  Grimgut cleaned you off on Necroman's robes!  All better now.

Grimgut figures he should start at the beginning.  You see, tiny journal, Grimgut was a mercenary.  Spent many a year fighting for this lord or that prince, this bandit king or that rich merchant.  He became very good at destroying castle walls, gates, forts, generally anything that would stand still long enough to be blown up or battered down.  It was during one particularly brutal siege, while under the employ of House Tharrashk that Grimgut found his place.  Grimgut was protecting some tiny bearded men while they worked their cannon, unfortunately the enemy also had cannons, and worked them faster. Before Grimgut knew it, the tiny bearded men were dead.  So Grimgut do what made the most sense.  Grimgut picked up the cannon, levelled it at the gates and blew them open so that the infantry could storm through.  In thanks, House Tharrashk even let Grimgut keep his cannon!  Later, some idiot lordling had managed to lose his keep to a bunch of weirdos from far away.  Grimgut got told "Open the keep!" nobody told Grimgut "Don't blow up the Keep Grimgut." or "We want it intact!"  Grimgut's "little friend" made quite a boom, and they retook the keep!  Grimgut wanted the Rhino they found inside for payment, but little men said no.  Little men promised Grimgut more rhinos and more wealth if Grimgut accompany them.  So Grimgut agreed to tag along.

Grimgut still hasn't got his rhino, but him got Snuffles the Triceratops instead.  He has 3 horns!  Must be worth 3 rhinos!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Grimgut's Blog - Found a writey thing

Today was a good day.  Grimgut found out that Kobolds don't like being peed on, Snuffles will eat any foliage, and Dragons have a silly sense of humour.  Grimgut could grow to like Dragons, thinks they would go well with the right sauce.

Grimgut and friends are on a Quest!  Grimgut doesn't like quests.  Quests mean you don't get paid, though you do get loot.  Grimgut is on a quest to save the soul of the Healing Tree Woman Thing.  To be honest me never knew what she was, but she was good to Grimgut.  Healed Grimgut's women.  Woman Thing got stuck in skull-thing though when worm-thing exploded and covered everyone in burning worm bits.  Snuffles did not like burning worm bits.  So Grimgut and Snuffles ride valiantly through dark lands and pissed on Kobolds, on into Green lands with clean kobolds.  It's an odd place, but nobody listens to Grimgut.  So Grimgut find Kobold writey thing, and decide that if nobody listens to Grimgut, Grimgut will write down his thoughts and hit people with words.

Grimgut is hungry.

Grimgut the Mad is a Giant Mercenary played by Aidan in an ongoing Fantasycraft campaign.  Grimgut's Blog is a writing exercise to follow an individual's travels as opposed to the progress of an army.

Grimgut exists in the morally grey area of a morally grey campaign.  He is a mercenary first and foremost, after that he is a craftsman and a warrior.  While not the most eloquent of Giants, he's certainly passionate.  Recently we had the party healer, a Dryad Mage pass away, and was trapped into a soul-storing skull that the Necromancer is carrying.  So Grimgut and his colleagues are currently on a quest to release her soul from its prison so that she may rest in peace (after all, being trapped with only the Necromancer for company would be Grimgut's very own version of hell) 

They Came From Beyond the Mountains: Week 3

As the battle rages across the Old World, the Empire secure their position in the Dark Lands and move their attention to the north.  Having seen the devastation caused by the Skaven Hellpit Abominations, they march forth to put an end to any further horrors being unleashed on the battlefield.

Finally deciding that the fight was one that threatened their own lands, the Wood Elves march forth from their forest homes, raiding up into the High Pass to secure the east flank of the Empire army from attack, meanwhile the Forces of Destruction have commissioned the services of a tribe of Ogres to secure the potent ale stored at Bugman's Brewery.

The Skaven forces of Clan Skryre, bearing no love for their Moulder cousins but finding their creations useful, brought their full power to bear against the Empire invaders.  After a long and brutal battle, only the Empire Greatswords stood firm and fought to their last breath, the Archlector finally dying with one hand on his hammer, the other around the Grey Seer's throat as he was torn to shreds by the masses of Storm Vermin.

As the Wood Elf Spellweaver has suspected, the mighty Warriors of Chaos marched up the High Pass to attack the Empire flank, and were met with the sudden appearance of Venomous Forests, a Giant and an imposing force of the forest dwelling elves.  In a bloody battle, where the forces of Chaos resembled porcupines more than warriors, the unstoppable tide of metal and flesh eventually won out and crushed the Wood Elf forces, their survivors melting back into the forests to lick their wounds and prepare for revenge.

Meanwhile, down at the pub, the Ogres were having a whale of a time.  There were dwarfs to fight and beer to drink, as the Butcher pointed out they could combine the two, feed the dwarfs the beer then eat the dwarfs!  Obviously this did not sit well with the Dwarf forces who came charging down to remove this blight on their cultural landmark.  Though losses were heavy on both sides, in the end the Dwarfs discovered that an Ogre and his Ale will not be parted, and eventually had to settle for harrying the Ogre forces as they set off with their stolen cache of frosty beverages.

While the initial push belonged to the Forces of Order, it was the Forces of Destruction who claimed the day, and have turned their eyes upon the walled city of Praag.  As the Skaven summon forth their allies of convenience, the armies all march upon the city with murder in their eyes and weapons in hand.  The Forces of Order, on the other hand, rush to defend the city, bolstering its ranks with levies of Bretonnian bowmen and sending their own troops force to attempt to stop the oncoming reinforcements.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

They came from beyond the Mountains: Week 2

Flushed from their latest victory, the Empire troops led the attack, breaking through Peak Pass and striking out into the Goblin Lands.  It was all too easy, as they met little resistance within the pass itself until they came to look upon the plains to see why there's been no opposition so far.  Below them were arrayed the combined forces of Goblin and Skaven, united in their hatred of the pink intruders.

The primary battle for this week's campaign was Breaking Out of Peak Pass, a Battleline conflict with the Defending (Destruction) side riding to reinforce the local Goblin tribes.  After a hard fought battle, the forces of Order prevailed and the Attacking side claimed the field.  The forces of the Empire have now established a fortified camp in the area, and may continue to press the advantage deeper into The Dark Lands.

While their brothers reclaimed the fallen watchtower on the Old Dwarf Road, the Dwarf Lord pushed his men onwards, bringing his across the Skull River to sweep through the lands of the Border Princes and on to Mad Dog Pass.  Once more, they were met by forces of Destruction, though this time it was their old enemies the Skaven of Clan Skryre who stood against them and barred their passage.

The River of Blood is a scenario from the Narrative Battles section of the Warhammer BRB.  A brutal, and bloody conflict both Dwarf and Skaven fought to the bitter end, however the might of Clan Skryre would not be denied and they drove the Dwarfs back to their mountain fortresses and claimed the field this day.

Having successfully taken position behind enemy lines, the forces of Chaos (and Nelson) gathered their might and chose their next target carefully.  Some may say the Dwarfs' strength lies in their mountain holds, their mining, their war machines or their endless and tireless pursuit of their grudges.  The Chaos Lords know better, and struck out for the true heart of the Dwarf Kingdoms, Bugman's Brewery.  Riding to the aid of their less mobile though steadfast allies, the Kingdom of Bretonnia took the field in this Meeting Engagement, to stop the menace before they could pull the strength from under their forces.

The Bretonnians rode at full pelt, and brought their forces to bear against the Warriors of Chaos in an attempt to slow their advance and end their trail of destruction across the backlines of the Forces of Order.  Unfortunately the Horse Lords were unable to stop the invaders as they crashed through their lines and claimed the first outlying stashes of the precious brew.

Monday, 2 June 2014

They came from beyond the Mountains: Week 1

Looking out from the battlements of his outpost, the sentry began to grumble.  No good Dwarf should be standing in the open like this, and especially not with a storm on the way.  Nobody even used the Old Road anymore, he should be down at Bugman's drinking his fill.  Amidst his grumbling, he noticed that the storm was hanging very, very low through Blackfire pass.  It dawned on him to sound the alarm about the same time the first wave of Warriors cleared the pass at a run.  When reinforcements arrived, the Outpost was taken, and now they had to dig the blighters out.

A powerful force of Warriors, led into battle by Nelson the Mutilith Vortex Beast, marched tirelessly through Blackfire Pass to assault a watchtower on the Old Dwarf Road, in the shadow of Karak Varn.  Taking the Dwarfs by surprise, the brutal Chaos worshippers managed to kill the occupants of the outpost before being forced to face the oncoming reinforcements.  Though the Dwarfs fought bravely, and the Lord himself gave his life in a challenge with the Chaos General, their might could not hold the unstoppable tide for long and the mighty warriors of the Chaos Gods crashed through the enemy, claiming the field, the Watchtower and killing their early warning before the message could be sent off.

Some ways away, to the north, a great host was on the move.  The Skaven of Clan Skyre had mobilised their forces and were making a break through the Peak Pass, towards the Slayer Keep of Karak Kadrin.  Fortunately, a host of another kind altogether was also using the pass.  The forces of the Empire had mobilised upon hearing word of a threat forming in the mountains and were bringing their strength to bear to crush the enemy before they could gather to full power.  The mountains shook to the sounds of the war drums as the two sides collide in bloody conflict.

The Skaven of clan Skyre marched in endless numbers through the Peak Pass, towards the Slayer Keep of karak-Kadrin. But before the Slayer King could raise his forces they were repelled by a mighty contingent from the Empire, braving the treacherous mountain pass with steam tank and troops to stop the advance before it had begun.  Both sides fought a bloody and brutal conflict, but in the end Empire Armour was just too strong and the Skaven horde was forced to retreat back to their own lands.

It was meant to be an easy job, they said.  Guard the Caravan they said.  You're just running artillery, they said.  They didn't say anything about fighting Daemon Princes, Chimera and Skullcrushers, that's for damn certain!
While the Dwarfs were attempting to reinforce the armaments at their fortress Zhufbar, on the banks of the Blackwater, another push by the forces of Destruction the Warriors of Chaos, led by their fierce Daemon Prince, managed to capture the artillery caravan and make off with it before they were stopped by a valiant charge by the Knights of Bretonnia who managed to halt the assault but at great cost, the Warriors gave many skulls for the skull throne this day before both sides quit the field.

The sounds of industry rang loud and proud across the Steppes of Kislev, while a natural sound within the Skavenblight and even within the kingdoms of the Dwarfs, this was a foreign sound to the more barbaric lands of Kislev.  A force, sent to investigate the ruckus discovered a host of Skaven unearthing an old Monolith, buried by time and the brutal snows of the Steppes.  They called to their allies for help, yet they were busy fighting their own wars, so they went to the next best thing...

With all the forces of Order defending against other pushes by the forces of Destruction, a fierce scurrying and burrowing could be heard across the steppes of Kislev as Skaven Forces hurriedly unearthed an accursed Monolith, thinking to use this in their further assaults. Answering the call for help (and with the bill in hand), Greasus Goldtooth rallied his Ogres to chase the invaders back into their homes and increase his gold piles. The Hoardmaster was successful in removing the encampment with the assistance of the Kislev Winged Lancers, although both armies were at the mercy of the elements; blinding snow making accurate firing of the Warp Lightning Cannons a nightmare.  With the lands clear of Skaven, and the Kislev lighter of pocket, Greasus set up camp and held a great feast to their victory.

So the net result of all of this was that Order have gone from being the defender to the attacker, and the scenarios next week will reflect an Order offensive, driving the forces of Destruction back from whence they came. However, not without a price. The forces of Destruction may field a single additional Dwarven Grudge Thrower at no cost, and may choose to Pass on one of their team selections. (Who plays at which table is being handled the same as doing unit deployment for Battle Line). Let's also not forget the host of Warriors who managed to break the line.  That's definitely going to cause some hurt.

Once again a huge thanks to The Dice Spot for hosting us, and all the players for participating.  The scenarios fought (In order) were: Watchtower, Battle for the Pass, Battle for the Caravan (a custom scenario, featuring a Dwarven artillery caravan moving 6" per turn, directed by the player with the closest units.  This honestly could use some work) and Purge the Steppes