Thursday, 29 May 2014

They came from beyond the Mountains: Introduction

So I don't post nearly as many battle reports as I should be, due to other concerns.  However I have decided that I will start tracking the progress of an upcoming campaign that we are running at my FLGS The Dice Spot.

The campaign starts following the events of a tournament held in store recently, where skirmishes broke out across the Old World and the Bretonnian Knights made a powerful showing yet were ultimately defeated by the Goblin horde.  We move forwards to the present day, where the Goblins have bolstered their strength and taken advantage of the enemy's weakness.  They come streaming down Peak Pass, passing beneath the Dwarven stronghold of Karak Kadrin on their approach towards the Empire lands.  While the war has not yet begun other fell creatures have taken up arms and joined in the assault, laying waste to all things good and just.  The Skaven host of Clan Skyre have mobilised their weapons of mass destruction while the men of the north, massive, armour clad and blessed by chaos bring their forces to bear on the kingdoms of the south.  Ogres, lead by the Overtyrant himself, have made their presence known; willing to lend their considerable weight to whichever side of the war meets their price.

It is not all bleak, however.  Rumblings can be heard from beneath the mountains as the Dwarfs make ready for war, bringing forth their mighty war machines and ranks of strong Dwarven warriors bedecked in mail and Gromril.  The noble Knights of Bretonnia have heeded the call of the Empire and have mounted their noble steeds, ready to bring the Lady's divine fury to bear against the invading hordes.  Not to be considered helpless, the Empire themselves have mustered a considerable force, prepared to defend their land and throw the invaders back over the mountains from whence they came.

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