Thursday, 20 March 2014

Crusade Game 2 - Bretonnia vs Vampire Counts

The crisp wind blew across the hilltop where Lord Sechnaill surveyed the border of his land.  He had regathered his forces after his last defeat and returned here to reclaim this territory from the dreaded Vampires.  Behind him, his men were ready.  Knights of the Realm all of them, with Peasant outriders and those infernal Trebuchets they brought with them this was where the attack would come.  A lone wolf howled, quickly followed by several more as the dead made their way to deal with the oncoming threat.  Dark necromancy pulsed and fresh bodies pulled themselves out of the graveyard to join their masters.

Following his defeat from his first charge of the Bretonnian Crusade, Lord Sechnaill has opted for a smaller skirmish.  This was to be a 1500 point battle, with no restrictions, Bretonnia vs Vampire counts.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

The crusade begins - 2400 Points Bretonnia vs Vampire Counts

And so it begins!  The Great Bretonnian Crusade has been called, the horns have been sounded and the noble knights ride once more to war.  Lord Sechnaill Mac Domnaill has answered the call, taking the battle straight to the Vampire Counts for the glory of the Lady of the Lake.

Being my first battle report for Bretonnians, I thought it fitting that this is also my first Battle Report for the Bretonnian Crusade, as mentioned in the Youtube video above from TheSustainableCentre, this is a push from Bretonnian players around the world to publish their battles and make it known that they're still an active army and would really rather not be phased out.