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Ogre Battle Report: 2400 pts, Greasus vs the Tomb Kings

So I've already posted this over on, but thought I would repost it here as I will be centralising all of my battle reports.

This year I've taken on a personal quest to bring the Jolly Fat Man (Greasus Goldtooth) to as many tournaments as I can.  Obviously the restrictions here are that the tournament must be over 2200 points and allow special characters.  As I will post later, this will be happening in parallel with my participation in the Bretonnian Crusade being carried out by Anthony at TheSustainableCentre

What follows is a write up of a matchup I had with my mate Squallstrife at our local gaming store, we were using 2400 point lists made under the Swedish Comp System for Warhammer Fantasy Battles 8th Edition.

On to the report!

This week's list:

Greasus Goldtooth (General)
Bruiser (Battle Standard Bear, HA, Enchanted Shield, 5++ save)
Butcher (L2, Maw, Glittering Scales, IF) (Bullgorger, Trollguts)
Butcher (L1, Death, Crown of Command) (Spirit Leech)
Butcher (L1, Death, Dispel Scroll, Ironcurse Icon, XHW) (Spirit Leech)

Ogres (6, Ironfists, Std, Muso)
Ogres (6, Ironfists, Std, Muso)
Ironguts (6, Standard, Muso, +1 Leadership)

Maneaters (6, Poison, Sniper, 6 x Brace of Pistols)

My Opponent:
Tomb King - GW, Dragonbane Gem, Death Mask, General
Tomb Guard x31 - Halberds, Razor Standard, Muso

Knights x5 - Muso, SB

Catapult - Skulls of the Foe

Liche High Priest - Lv4, Nehek, Heirophant, Dispel Scroll (Protection, Righteous Smiting, Dessication & Vengeance)
Archers x15 - Muso

Liche Priest - Lv2, Death, Steed, Earthing Rod (Purple Sun, Doom and Darkness)


Horse Archers x5

Horse Archers x5

Chariots x6 - Muso, Swiftness Banner

The scenario we rolled was Meeting Engagement.  So playing it safe, I deployed my 2 Sabretusks only to discover that there was a nasty Bloodforest in my half.  So that changed my deployment a bit.  Nothing out of the ordinary, dropped almost all of my character into the Irongut unit, with 1 Death Butcher rocking out in a unit of Ogres.  Ironguts were flanked either side by units of Ogres, with the Maneaters running at the far edge of the Ld10 bubble, and Sabretusks taking the far flanks.  Without much shooting, I deployed on the line and made a sprint for the enemy.

He deployed somewhat more reserved, with his Chariots and Horse Archers up front, the Tomb Guard a little ways behind and the Necro Knights chilling out with the Casket of Souls.  His horse archers vanguarded straight up into my Ogres faces, and it was party time.

We rolled off, and I won first turn.

Ogres Turn 1
Greasus and Lads came barrelling up the pitch a massive 8", flanked still by his 2 units of Ogre bodyguards, while the Maneaters zipped up field and put a few shots into one of the units of Horse Archers, failing to clear them out of the way.

Strong magic phase, with 11 dice being pulled from the Winds of Magic, I managed to get off a Spirit Leech on his Death Priest, and managed to zap the Purple Sun right off the table.  Otherwise, his Level 4 Hierophant was all over me and I didn't get much other magic off.

Khemri Turn 1
Turn 1 epic charge from the Chariot unit, coming ripping down the pitch and smashing into one of the flanking units of Ogres.  Due to the placement of his Horse Archers, the Chariots were unable to close the door, requiring the Ogres to do it and setting up for an Overrun into Greasus & The Lads.  Horse archers did what they do best, and generally got in the way of things while the horde of Tomb Guard carrying Ramhotep and the Tomb King advanced menacingly.

Magic was simple, but effective with the High Priest getting Ptah's Protection off on the chariots and almost getting a Withering off on the Ogres they were fighting.  The Screaming Skull catapult crew let fly their grisly munitions and an Irongut was sent home in a box.  Chariots ripped through the Ogre unit without even slowing down before smashing headlong into the shade of the nearby forest where Greasus was cooling his heels.  1 Chariot was lost to the maddened charge.

Ogres Turn 2
So to start off Turn 2, Maneaters marched up onto a hill to get ready for a charge down onto the Necropolis Knights, the Ogres move up to support them, and Greasus is bogged down to face his grisly fate.  One of the Sabretusks manages to get itself in front of the Tomb Guard to hold them up, while the other blocks the Necropolis Knights from a counter charge.

In the magic phase, the Maw Butcher gets off Bullgorger, however Trollguts and Spirit Leech are both shut down in short order.  In combat, 14 Impact Hits prove a devastating effect on the small unit of Ironguts, tearing through the ranks and plonking wounds onto all of the characters (aside from our noble hero of course).  The Ogres' response is similarly brutal, but doesn't manage to have a significant impact on the Chariots even after the BSB and Maw Butcher stepped up to deal with the threat.  Combat continued, and the Ironguts turned to face their enemy

Khemri Turn 2
With their chariots beating them to the punch and starting the party without them, the Tomb Guard were eager to get into the combat.  They charged the Sabretusk in front of them who fled, but unfortunately for him not far enough.  He was run down, with the Tomb Guard just inches out from the embattled Ironguts.  The Necropolis Knights snarled menacingly at the Sabretusk, who was distracted enough that he didn't see the Horse Archers who appeared to redirect the oncoming ogres and shot him to death.  The Screaming Skull doled out some more wounds, and another Ogre was added to the post-battle banquet.

In magic, Tomb Kings got off Ptah's Protection again on the chariots, though not a whole lot else managed to get through.  The Chariots held out for another round of combat, though their number was educed to a single rank by crumble but they still held the Ironguts in place.

Ogres Turn 3
Charging time!  Maneaters get off their haunches and charge at the Necropolis Knights, slamming into them.  Inspired, the Ogres got a little over enthusiastic and collided with the redirecting unit of horse archers, shattering them on impact hits alone.

Magic was brief and to the point, with Bullgorger going off with Irresistable Force and removing the remaining die from the pool while notching up a wound on the Maw ogre, who also proceeds to wound himself in the casting of the spell.  Ironguts and characters manage to remove the offending chariot unit, losing more wounds on the unit champion in the process and turn to face the oncoming Tomb Guard Horde.

Maneaters collide with less than satisfying thump, bouncing off the powerful forms of the Necropolis Knights' serpent mounts.  Combat is quick but brutal, with 2 Maneaters reduced to a bloody mess, and 1 Necropolis Knight returning to the sands.

Ogres reform after smashing through the horse archers, turning to face the Tomb Guard.  A lone gorger strolls onto the battlefield, eyeing off the crew of the Screaming Skull as potentially a tasty treat.

Khemri Turn 3
The mighty Tomb Guard charge, bringing their forces to bear against Greasus and his merry band.  Archers advance and continue shooting at targets of opportunity, while the Screaming Skull puts some more wounds on the loose Ogre unit.

Light of Death goes off on the free floating Ogres, causing 3 wounds while the Lich High Priest gets off a Righteous Smiting Bubble, regenerating a wounded Necropolis Knight back to his full power and bringing up the murderous capacity of the Tomb Guard.

And then the Tomb Guard attacked.  The Battle Standard Bear didn't stand a chance, getting a couple of wounds off on the Tomb King before the Tomb Guard tore him to shreds for his unbearable insolence.  Butchers managed to swing a couple of wounds on the unit, but the Frenzied, Hateful, rapidly attacking Tomb Guard tore through the Ogre defences.  By the time the Tomb King had struck, both sides had taken heavy casualties, but the Irongut line held (With 1 surviving irongut, both butchers had sustained wounds and Greasus had worn 2 wounds).

Necropolis Knights lost 2 more of their number before they tore through the remaining Maneaters and advancing menacingly on the rear of the Ogres waiting to step up in support

Ogres Turn 4
The Ogres charge in to support their erstwhile leader in his battle, while the Gorger manages to get into combat with the screaming skull, and Greasus looks around to realise that he's really running out of men!

Magic was simple again, managing to get Trollguts off again on the Ironguts.

The now more resilient Ironguts hold their own somewhat better this time around, managing to land a killing blow on the Tomb King at the same time as he took out the last surviving member of the once proud unit.  Ogres in the flanks managed to cause more damage to the Tomb Guard and the Butchers laid about themselves with their various weapons with varying degrees of success.

Combat was won by the Ogres, and 4 of the Tomb King's guard crumbled.  At the same time, the wrathful curse of the felled Tomb King tore through Greasus' Merry Men, inflicting 1 wound on the Deathbutcher encased therein.

The Gorger completely forgot why he'd come to the battle, and decided to talk to the warriors of Khemri about the Maw and whether they knew of anywhere good to eat around here.  1 Crewman died from his prattling.

Khemri Turn 4
The Necropolis Knights came smashing into the back of the unsuspecting Ogres, who were promptly and methodically murdered down to all but the Standard Bearer and the Butcher.

The Gorger tore through the surviving members of the war machine crew before setting his sights on the Khemrian Heirophant.  The combat playing out in the centre became a bloody meat grinder, with the demise of their King taking a lot of the fight out of the noble warriors of Khemri.  Greasus, in his lard-arsed way decided now would be a good time to challenge Ramhotep to honourable combat, to which Ramhotep swiftly told him to jog on.

Ogres Turn 5
With nothing else to do but brawl and move the Gorger up and continue the brawl, the end was getting nigh.  The Maw Butcher managed to get off another Trollguts on the pair of Butchers and Greasus, however it was not enough to spare the Death Butcher when the Tomb Guard of Khemri decided to rip him to shreds.  Ramhotep finally accepted Greasus offer of honourable combat and was beaten into a paste for his trouble.

The Necropolis Knights saw to it that the surviving standard bearer from the Ogre unit would not be causing any more trouble, and the Tomb Guard crumbled down to a single model (with the Necropolis Knights fairing marginally better.  Purely because their single model was still brutally effective).

Khemri Turn 5
Final turn of the game, the last Tomb Guard goes down fighting before being torn apart by the avenging Maw Butcher.  The last Necropolis Knight sees to it that there will be no more death magic cast by the Ogres and we called the game there.

End Result: After comp adjustments (We were using Swedish Comp, with my list being a 9.1 and his 11.3) we came in at a draw, armies being within about 70 victory points

Post game thoughts (Blatantly stolen from Swordmaster on the forums)
All in all it was a fun game, I've played SquallstrifeAU (On the Khemri forums) a fair few times previously, and he's always a good sport to play against.  If I had the game to do again, I might have been more careful to avoid that 1st turn charge by the Chariots, or at least sent them anywhere but into the face of Greasus.  I also probably wouldn't under estimate the Necropolis Knights again, and put more poisoned shots into them to soften them up before engaging in glorious combat.

If you've gotten this far, thank you very much for reading my first battle report.  I intend to do future ones with Battle Chronicler, but I've been finding if I wait to do it with BC I never actually get around to posting the report.

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